Fantastic Home Remedies For Acne Scars

Acne scars are an ugly sight. They can stay with you forever and may be a cause of embarrassment all your life – unless you do something about them.Treatment and removal methods vary depending on the size of the scar. Usually, marks obtained from pricking pimples are much more difficult to get rid of, so many people go straight to the nearest dermatology clinic for more expensive methods. But if you want a natural and cheap, yet comparatively effective treatment, head over to your kitchen and try the following home remedies for acne scars.1. Lemon juice for exfoliationLemon juice is a natural astringent, so it has the ability to lighten your scars. To get started, squeeze an ample amount of lemon juice. Set it aside while you cleanse your face or scar with water. Pat it dry before you dab a cotton ball into the juice and smooth it over the mark. Leave it for around 10 to 15 minutes, and do not touch the scar.

Here’s a warning: Lemon juice is still considered one of the very best home remedies for acne scars, but it may tend to make your skin photosensitive (sensitive to light). So make sure that you put on some sunscreen before you leave the house and bask under the sun.2. Baking soda for microdermabrasionBaking soda is another acne scars remedy that contains fine particles that can be used to remove dead skin cells and invigorate cells through microdermabrasion, and thus, to lighten and reduce the intensity of scars. That said, you can use baking soda to target both your acne scars, and to give yourself a scrub for a glowing and more radiant skin. To do this, mix enough baking soda with filtered water. Gently rub the mixture on the affected area, and leave it there for about a minute or two. Rinse off after.3. Olive oil as moisturizerWhen you exfoliate, your skin becomes dry. So for a softer and smoother skin, moisturize with olive oil. This will counter the effect of scars to the elasticity of your skin.

4. Fruit facial for acid exfoliationFruits contain acids that are useful in imparting a whitening effect on the face, which helps fade acne marks. You can use either strawberry or pineapple. Create a puree out of these fruits, and then lather it over your face. Leave it for about 15 minutes before you rinse off.5. Water for detoxificationDrinking plenty of water has many benefits. Among them is to get rid of toxins and build new skin cells. So if you want your acne scars to heal, drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday.